The 6th Edition of the FKM guideline implies currently some changes considering the material data and the calculation of the support factor number according to the material-mechanical concept. Please let us know. I would like to be subscribed to “Service Pack Notifications” and agree to the use of my e-mail address within the scope of the patches and related offers in accordance with the data protection regulations. In some cases the load spectrum calculation did not convergence, even though the individual load steps worked fine. This lead to wrong results for bearing displacements, life and reaction forces, and wrong shaft deformations. To generate a model a user can simply drag and drop icons to add elements directly to the diagram window and link them to each other together.

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SP3 Editability and text in the connecting elements table was not correct The type of bearing was editable but should not be, whereas the shaft inside was not editable but should be. As this calculation is often performed for planetary gears, the load can be transferred directly from the gear calculation.

SP3 Shaft calculation kisssoft 2012 crack internal error after deleting shaft referenced by a connecting element When deleting a shaft that was referenced in a connecting element, the calculation raised an internal error afterwards.

We provide our customers with the optimum solution, thanks to the added value created by directly integrating the design and production expertise from the two companies. The settings kisssoft 2012 crack saved in a separate file and thereby adopted for all gears. The previous Lisssoft database contained 4′ SKF bearings – the new release contains 11′ bearings as shown in the latest catalogue.

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This paper in English presents an kisssoft 2012 crack testing procedure for plastic gears that is based on different levels of testing. Module WB4 A new variation calculation for the bearing’s internal geometry can now also be performed when you are sizing rolling bearings. The Assistant in Action – Part 1: The accurate determination of the load distribution forms the basis for an appropriate tooth correction. If you want to get to know them and are interested in the beta versionplease send us an e-mail kisssfot we will send you a trial license kisssoft 2012 crack.


The power loss calculation has been implemented using the contact analysis of gears, which allows the user to consider the influence of micro-geometry.

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Additional features have been implemented in the Shaft Editor, which make it much easier to input shafts WPK module. Shaft Calculation and the Shaft Editor. SP2 Calculation of tooth thickness at root sFn Tooth thickness at root sFn for the root strength calculation was not correct in some special cases pre-manufacturing with machining stock bigger than the protuberance of the tool.

The material properties that can be used in these calculations are derived from the material core hardness, which can now be input in KISSsoft. SP2 Kisssoft 2012 crack force graphic fixed The pretension force graphic doesn’t shown the correct lines for different friction coefficients. KISSsys now also has a new templatewhich determines the bevel gear displacements under load. Workgroup 7, chaired by Dr.

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These assistants facilitate and simplify the kisssoft 2012 crack considerably. File size of worm gear and lisssoft gear is reduced – 3D Geometry Parasolid: This now enables the ctack to check his sizing in a number kisssoft 2012 crack positions and select or reject specific solutions. Layout Process for Spur Gears on 8th of September. When you have the above condition, the tooth form was wrong, and thus the 3D model and the contact analysis was wrong.


It is particularly useful in multiple shaft calculations with a lot of connecting bearings – Graphics failed if a gears with same diameter as the shaft was applied – Improved the message showing the load element number when the load spectrum calculation fails.

Gears often only rotate in one direction, so the working flank is always the same flank. Comparisons to the previous edition of the two standards kisssoft 2012 crack performed by KISSsoft and are available on request.

The product is rounded off by detailed documentation, consisting of a manual and graphics. The VDI Guideline for plastic gears takes form: For the root calculation, the alternating bending factor is considered with 0.

You can now also optimize tooth flank and tooth profile modifications for bevel gears.

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SP2 Contact analysis was crashing with too high pitch error The contact analysis was crashing in cases of too low torque compared to pitch error which is causing empty results. The benefit of this tool is the fast and reliable assessment of large housing structures with many bolts. If you are interested in kisssoft 2012 crack information, please contact us at: For webbed gears, the deformation of the gear rim occurs in three dimensions and therefore kisssoft 2012 crack be calculated by the one-dimensional beam model approach used in the shaft ksissoft.

SP3 Shaft models with duty cycles crashed occasionally during calculation For shaft models that contained duty cycles it occasionally happened, that the calculation would crash without further notice.