To copy the plot to the windows clipboard, or to save the plot, right click towards the bottom of the plot to display the local menu, or click on the small arrow in the lower right-hand corner. Values are per unit using the generator MVA base. By default the results are shown for each time step. Plot is the bus voltage. All generators that do not have relays may be set to have under- and over-frequency tripping if they exceed those amounts for greater than the pickup time. All fields specified to plot will automatically be stored in RAM.

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The reason for the voltage decrease is during the fault the smaller induction motors start to slow down, getting close to stalling. Powerworld simulator version 15 order to compare the time behavior of various fields an important feature is the ability to show different values using different y-axes on the same plot. Used to plot results —Results: Notify me of replies from other users. So if you select what to plot first, and that is all you want to do, you do not have to pre-specify what to 155 in RAM.


Notice powerwordl now with the exciter it returns to its pre-fault voltage. The first two listed events are the fault and its clearing.

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The critical vdrsion time for the case has decreased from 0. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Powerworld simulator 17 download. Keep in mind this is currently beta code. Note fault is at bus 3, not at bus 1.

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The right figure shows the generator angles for a fault on the line between buses 5 and 7 powerworld simulator version 15 the bus 7 terminal, which is cleared after 0. Note that the object may be grayed out but you can still add it to the plot. Wound rotor induction generators with variable rotor resistance —Type 3: PowerWorld Simulator is an interactive power system simulation package designed to simulate high voltage power system operation on a time frame ranging from several powerworld simulator version 15 to several days.

Plot is the bus voltage. Euro Truck Simulator Simulation. Add TGOV1 models for all three generators using the default values. These models are used only when no other models are specified. Resort to interactive, animated diagrams, time-step simulation to analyze contingency, optimal power flow, geomagnetic disturbances, difference flows, and many more.


Hydro governors respond much slower. Using Charts in a Presentation Lesson 6. All generators that do not have powerwoorld may be set to cersion under- and over-frequency tripping if they exceed those amounts for greater than the pickup time. Software Orientation Charts can help your audience understand relationships among numerical values. This will cause the wind turbine pitch control system to begin to pitch the blades to reduce the mechanical power into the rotor to present an over speed condition.

Farming Simulator Simulation.

During the fault the LVPL sets the real power current at zero. The block diagram for this exciter is also shown below. Play around with them. The package is currently being validated with industry on large utility systems.

Powerworld simulator version 15 trips allow the clearing time to be a bit longer than would otherwise vereion the case. Various options associated with transient stability —Result Storage: It is used to represent a solid rotor machine with three damper windings. Run case for 20 seconds.