Every design is fully customizable and filled with inspiration. February 20th, 1 Comment. Now I’m happily in the middle. I can’t wait for the updates to the Prophoto 7 template that will make it just that much better! Bradley Charbonneau I’ve done the big corporate thing.

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Geared for photographers

The ProPhoto theme software puts you in control, providing infinite possibilities for the perfect WordPress website. I have really liked using ProPhoto from the start, but now with the update to ProPhoto 7 I absolutely love it!

Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. One little gripe I had was trying to use their own menu management system. Our premium design shop is loaded with extra layouts made for ProPhoto ranging from vintage to classy to minimal. Easy to use, easy to wordoress. Photo grids, layout of 4 rows by 5 wordpreess of a certain category, header, masthead, logo management.

ProPhoto 4 is packed with everything a photographer might need in a theme—and then some. Best website option I’ve used. Use ProPhoto layouts to make custom page designs or other variations of your design for specific prophoto4 wordpress of your website. At least give it prophoto4 wordpress look. Photo galleries look great and load fast for all devices.


Photographer looking for a WordPress theme? Create forms for visitors to submit with custom fields like text, email, dropdown, option select, and more. Their service and support has been second to none. Prophoto4 wordpress question answered, in laymans terms, has enabled even me to create a website I’m proud of.

Pin It on Pinterest. Of course, there are those who will say that those types of functions should be the heavy lifting of plugins and not themes, but ProPhoto 4 is explicitly targeting a certain niche: March 13th, 1 Prophoto4 wordpress. I’ve been building my own sites for my photography for prophoto4 wordpress long time and nothing has come close to the options and ability ProPhoto has given me as a non-coding normal person.

Check out more testimonials from photographers who use ProPhoto below: Here are a few real world examples:.

ProPhoto WordPress Theme

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wow – what can I say, ProPhoto is amazing. Prophoto4 wordpress thought there would be a big learning curve moving worpdress previous versions to 7 but there really wasn’t and when I had a question the guys in support were more than helpful.

ProPhoto prophoto4 wordpress several attractive designs you can tweak a little, or overhaul with your creative vision at no extra cost. This is by no means meant to be an in-depth review of the product.


February 20th, 1 Comment. Our team in West Michigan will be there for you every step of the way.

ProPhoto – the best WordPress theme for photographers and creatives

Write Every Day Challenge August 25, at 5: By using ProPhoto I have been able to do just that. Don’t take prophoto4 wordpress word for it, ask around about us. But it just makes it a little easier to work with. Show off blog posts, Instagram feeds, gallery photos, and more in attractive thumbnail grids you can customize.

WordPress theme ProPhoto by ProPhoto Blogs –

February 21st, 1 Comment. Make a few small changes, or take complete control and build a totally custom website design without touching a single line of code.

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