NA server was lucky enough to even got a rollback during their first testing for SEA and other region servers. Anonymous January 23, at Things I hate doing so i can survive and have money to do things I enjoy doing. Well, you can state it like that, but I looked a bit more in the past and questioned WHY the Dayr monsters were made that hard. I don’t think so buddy.

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It’s not about how many times the natives have complained. I don’t have the luxury or patience to spend my leisure time being NON lazy grinding something that is boring and unfun. That dungeon became famous for being the only dungeon ro2 kirito bot monsters respawn and for a HHB abusal. Before you reached lvl50, your job was quite useless anyways.

But without them, you don’t have to pause to turn them in ro2 kirito bot you aren’t forced to kill monsters at different locations. Ubisoft again to apologize for the countless bugs on Unity released a free DLC bugged too but this is another story but after they fixed them bugs!!!

Was it done because the slow helps? Kabalyero January 25, at 8: To blame them now for the fact that you can rush though LotS, doesn’t do them justice.


We got elements, instead of oils. Anyway I want you give some examples of other software houses that answered to their playerbase in a smart way:.

They didn’t add some extra levels for every skill. Players abused Sandarman MP grinding, so the dungeon got nerfed. And how did Gravity fix that?

Kirito Bot – RO2: LotS Bot

I really hate leveling because it’s a grind and i’m not Asian. Spoiler Although LotS had mirito different jobs, each with a unique focus, most players hated it to level their job class. So it isn’t wrong to state that players lost their class drawbacks. Click here to get WTFast today!

Why should I play RO 2?

Why should I play RO bpt Spoiler AoV is both easier and harder than LotS. And even in a 10man raid, it wasn’t common to attack more than 3 targets at once or to kill monsters not directly on your path towards the bosses.

So they made only a few exceptions: So if you look at the changes, you’ll see that they are purely mostly PvP-centric. And the Sandarman abusal was kept a secret as well. So i’ll use a bot. Friday, January 18, beta version freekirito bot kifito, kirito bot facebook pagelootingmob huntingragnarok online 2ragnarok online 2 botsword art onlineunder-development.


Do we want talk about the first Honing big ro2 kirito bot Anonymous January 20, at 2: IMO, most comments are correct from a particular perspective. If WTFast is working great for you then subscribing is a much easier option I know many classes don’t even need agi but still able to go toe to toe with agi classes.

Anonymous January 19, at An endless grind on a single spot, perfectly suited for macros. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Now compare that to ro2 kirito bot much Gravity could earn from RNG-based items, like infinium, phantom kiito, honing scrubs, honing hammers, card coating papers, card designated stones, random costume boxes, mount boxes, etc.