The maps support all game types and will host 32 players. Seems quite a few servers running this original, so I was convinced by a few of my clan members to reduce the size, and create a map which would be dynamic and dangerous. It fixes some knows issues and makes the map more playable. It is colorful map that captures the essence of a summer by the pool fragging. Here and there you have some places to explore. Moving around underground is very difficult because of virtually total darkness. The maps in SoF2Files.

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Title Guerilla Warfare Version beta Filename guerilla warfare.

Featuring sof2 maps of the most played and well sod2 maps of SoF2! The name of the two maps are: Title Plant 72 Date 8 14 02 Filename plant Title The Market Final Date march It’s fun to play on it for a change. This is a map with the chessboard design!

I hope that you feel it very fun. SP vs SV mappack Brothers wars.


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This map pack contains 6 maps from the TRU Clan, the maps included are: GameFront japs the best place to store, share and promote sof2 maps PC gaming files. Map contains several secrets and some cool music and features.

Email Address blizzard s hotmail. Kinda like the 1st shop. This dof2 is specially designed for the Goldrush sod2. Sof2 maps it was monopoly, then its chess, what next!?!? It was ported to multiplayer and layout modified and enhanced to Support standard gametypes.

It is a 2 level oval shaped map with a nicely done middle. Attack on Pearl Harbor. Description This is 1 crazy map The map is made up from several floors containing sof2 maps and water features. Supports all most common gametypes. Here’s the standalone version of the “The Warehouse Under Siege”, which previous could be found in a mappack created by Siffer a long time ago.

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Medium sized, but lots off places to explore and very good for sniping. Title Land of Damned Date Juni It has walk ways between the tree’s.


This pack contains the maps we are currently running on our custom map server. It supports all gametypes including Goldrush. Installation put the ak All maps are alltogether in one pk3 file for easy install.

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Based on the ever popular map “Kammy”, I have made a few changes and enhancements to hopefully enhance gameplay. Valley of Kings Map by Marko sof2 maps markoweb. This version of the map fixes a small bug where the map would fail to appear in the map selection list. R2D2 seems to be running around in certain bits which adds to the sov2.

This is a fun little map based on a map from Half Life: