Why oh why they can’t just be honest to themselves and just move on. It most of it was never explained smh. It was a study on immature, juvenile, dense, simpleminded, imbecile and obtuse behavior. Ben kept making changes to himself and she would just kept making him feel like he made no change at all. Though I agree with some of the reviewers in the fact that the characters were very indecisive and didn’t want to hurt each other the entire time, I couldn’t help but think that in reality, that’s how people are.

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He can handle himself, eub is more than I can say about her. Both of them too. Paige had found out and was not happy. Light in the Shadows. These were not occasional problems either. Books by Kelly Mooney. Sentences ended abruptly, sometimes in the middle of a thought. It was so dull in the middle that instead of reading my biology text book to help me sleep, I read this novel. It was a blip on the book radar and I wish Mooney had spent more time cultivating the relationship and the conclusion than on Greek house hook ups.

Smashwords – Twist of Fate – A book by Kelly Mooney – page 1

I think the loop the loop roller coast of emotion was draining. It just didn’t work for me. It Ain’t Me, Babe. How many times did she reject the poor guy only in turn for them to fight and not talk to each other causing her to be with guys she barely knows? But the underlying storyline was worth reading and the characters were engaging.


It was a study on immature, juvenile, dense, simpleminded, imbecile and obtuse behavior. Attending mmooney with her older cousin Tommy 3, miles away, seems like the safest place to begin tdist new life. Mar 15, Amy McAllister rated it liked it. I really hoped for something different for this book. Attending school with her older cousin Tommy 3, miles away, seems like the safest place to begin a new life. Everyone was out to get him. Would recommend but only if you have a great amount of patience.!

Feb 04, Huong rated it it was ok. Over all twist of fate kelly mooney epub story line and the connection between Paige and Ben was good but she kdlly him to act like they were in a relationship but wasn’t willing to give him o I feel like I’m always giving 5stars and honestly I did like the story about how they grew up vacationing together etc and meet up again in collage but there were so twist of fate kelly mooney epub errors that I thought for sure it was self published and I mean someone should of caught most of these and Kelly should definitely get some new editors for sure.


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Sigh, do I sound totally terrible? I cautiously recommend this book but it is NOT for under 18 years of age.

It seemed over the top. When dialogue was happening, sometimes the paragraph didn’t change when the speaker did. Just should have ended a lot sooner. Ben was a typical college boy May 16, Bookaholiclover rated it liked it. I love a story like that but it was too much after the 3rd time. However, where I had problems was with the editing of this book.

Sex crazed college frat boy.

So I understand Though I was extremely hesitant on buying this book because of all the low reviews, I thought I’d give it a try.

Fatd 09, Amber rated it liked it. One of the few books I can say I don’t recommend.