Frequency – Mhz. The function covers the RCMs using the following processor: This update will include the following: Reading and updating flash and configuration memory of ECUs: The AVDI has been in development for the past 15 years and some of its main features are: Software for diagnostics for MAN and Scania is currently under development. The Abrites VIN reader is an outstanding tool with multiple purposes.

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Full abritus72 of special functions for BMW. Clearing IMMO code data. Infra Red and password reader, Personalization, Activation, Coding. This software will provide you access abritus72 the internal memory and configuration of transponders.

The Abrites VIN reader is an outstanding tool with multiple purposes. From completely new online software to new functions and improvements – you will see all of this abrotus72 the upcoming update.

Genuine Diagnostic and Programming Scanner AVDI – Abritus72

This includes all models starting from onwards. This function is designed abritus72 assist Smart and Renault specialists when a second key abritus72 to be learned for these cars. Abrites Diagnostics for Volvo version 6.

The function works with Abritus72 dashboards. The interface will also be compatible with some of our other tools that are currently being developed like: For a full list of supported models please click here.

Please abritus72 here to view a full list abritus72 the supported key types. The Abritus72 programmer is the latest generation qbritus72 intended for operation with keys and transponders used in the latest authentication systems and immobilizers.


Initial purchase of AVDI interface includes one year software update of the basic diagnostic suite, tools and our online services and one year free support plan. Tag Key Tool This software will provide you access to the internal memory and configuration of transponders. Once the VIN reader is connected abritus72 a vehicle of interest it gathers a list of the VIN numbers qbritus72 this vehicle and displays them on your phone screen.

Subaru Key learning and smart system reset Key learning for keyless and mechanical key Subaru cars even when all keys are lost. AVDI is a true abritus72 choice used by abritus72 and repair shops worldwide as well as locksmiths and abritus7 OEM representatives in order to complete diagnostic tasks at a original manufacturer level or higher.

All of our latest developments can be seen in the new software version. Reading and updating flash and configuration memory abrius72 ECUs: Key learning Key programming functionality. Instrument Cluster Module Recalibration Reading and updating internal control module configuration memory by ahritus72.

Full set of key programming special functions for VAG. Advanced Key Programming by Diagnostics and key programming Key programming functionality.

Abrites – Vehicle diagnostics software and hardware

By OBD, no disassembly needed. We would like to abritus72 you for the understanding and wish you happy holidays as well as a productive new year! Our office will be open for the new year as usual on 2 January Extracting and displaying immobilizer related data by diagnostic. Adapter for diagnostics of all multimedia modules present in the car Radio, Navigation, Bluetooth, Telephone, e.


Please note that this function also includes the RR special function. Abritus72 partially data of the EIS. In it you will be able to see the new developments made by our company with avritus72 the features and special functions we have made since our last update. Thanks abritus72 the AVDI you can perform abritus72 diagnostics such abrittus72 reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes, live values and actuator testing as well as all special functions developed by our company such as key programming, module adaptation, cluster calibration and others.

Annual Maintenance Subscription 12 month subscription to access the latest software releases and online services Your abritus72 purchase of the AVDI interface includes a one year access to the latest software updates of the basic diagnostic suite, tools, and our online services.

Reset to factory new state option. When this is done you can easily compare the VIN numbers within the vehicle directly abritus72 the screen of your device and you can see if the VIN numbers match each other and the physical VIN number stamped on the vehicle.