Test—retest reliability and interexaminer agreement for AcuGraph measurements of skin conductance at Yuan-Source and Jing-Well acupuncture points from Experiment 3 and 4. The measurement circuit captures approximately 10 measurements per second and maintains a running average of the prior 10 readings. Please rate this Please Rate This Post: Conclusions The AcuGraph measures known resistors and organic matter accurately and reliably. And I need to preface it by saying this: Potential effects of this change have not, however, been evaluated.

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The analogue resistance information is then converted to a digital signal and quantified by the microcontroller, then relayed to the PC through the USB.

Your help with this is appreciated. Unfortunately, as new computers are built on new technologies, we have been forced to choose between trying to patch the old system, or updating the core framework to be efficient, safe and secure based on current standards.

When you choose to upgrade your software to AcuGraph 5, acugraph 4 can continue using the same hardware with the new AcuGraph software.

AcuGraph 4 Installation | AcuGraph Modern Acupuncture Software

A single examiner HSusing the AcuGraph acugraph 4 Digital Meridian Imaging System measurement system, recorded three sequential sets of skin conductance measurements at the 24 Jing-Well figure 2 and the 24 Yuan-Source figure 3 acupoints. Coefficients of variability were calculated on all Jing-Well and Yuan-Source points and the average is reported.

Sign up for acupuncture tips and insights—delivered right to your inbox:. When a single aucgraph tested 30 participants, the average reliability for the Yuan-Source points was 0.


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Prior to recording electrodermal measurements, they watched a 5 min videotape instruction and were then told simply to locate the acupoint using their own point location technique, and hold the probe perpendicular to the acupoint for measurements. The range and average CV of the Jing-Well points was The CVs of these data are reported. One of our continuing projects as our database grows is to begin making these correlations, which may yet enhance the process even further.

Reliability of the Prognos electrodermal device for measurements of electrical skin resistance at acupuncture points. If they can see it, they will acugraph 4 it, and they will come and refer.

It’s difficult to explain to your patients why they need your care, and why they need to keep coming back. Author manuscript; available in PMC Sep 1. acugraph 4

AcuGraph 4.1.0!

The cotton swab, in turn, makes acugraph 4 with the subject’s skin. Please put in a pre-order for me for Acugraph 4, it feels so synchronistic to me that I just joined in at this moment of excitement. Other various corrections to printing errors. Conclusions The AcuGraph measures known resistors and organic matter accurately and reliably.

Corrected minor spelling and punctuation errors in point information. Thirty healthy volunteers were recruited by web postings, flyers, classroom announcements and word-of-mouth from the National College of Acugraph 4 Medicine staff, students and faculty. The next thought was to only use readings from people with very good graphs—high Augraph scores, lots of greens, etc.

Better Acupuncture with Technology: AcuGraph

Look forward to seeing you in KC. Because the microcontroller acugraph 4 measure both sides of the divider circuit, the device is self-calibrating. I can only hope that you seriously factor this concern into the pricing of the Acugraph 4 upgrade for all of us who have been loyal followers of Acugraph all xcugraph many years. In this test—retest design, we evaluated the mean reliability of a single measurement at 48 acupoints 24 Jing-Well points and 24 Yuan-Source points.


Therefore one can compare CVs of different measurement processes in the same acugraph 4, but it makes no sense to compare the same process in different circumstances. Fantastic demo, This looks like acuggaph is going to be great advancement in acugraph 4 graphing.

No acugraph 4 had access to the previous data on the second study day. Added a new “View All” to the spinal overlay of a graph. Adrian, Hi, am really thrilled about Intelligraph, am a sincere researcher and already had these questions when ordered Acugraph 3.

In the first two experiments known resistances and non-human samplesthere was little variability among measurements. Terms of Use Privacy Policy.

They will be instructed to obtain similar recordings to each other and will continue to practice until a desired level of agreement was reached. It took far more time, thought and effort than we ever imagined it would.

Over 1, AcuGraph Practitioners.