Also rapper Shindy , who has been recently signed to ersguterjunge, left the label. Retrieved 7 January — via YouTube. Nyze Statements Shindy feat. Diese Zwei Eko Fresh feat. The album, which featured guest appearances by Bushido, Fler, Frauenarzt, and others, reached number seven on the German album charts.

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Bushido tweeted following this action: Nyze Diese Zwei Eko Fresh feat. Kenneth allein zu Haus. Bis die Polizei kommt Kay One feat.

Keine Sonne Bushido feat. Retrieved 23 March Also rapper Shindy bushiddo, who has been recently signed to ersguterjunge, left the label. Boss Kay One feat. New Kid On The Block. Bushido Stupid White Man Bushido feat.

Mittelfinger Prince Kay One feat. Influenced obe his older brother, he started to rap at the age of 13, winning the Royal Rumble competition in Stuttgart at the age of Ich benehm’ mich wie ich will.


Bushido Bloodsport Bonnie und Clyde Bushido feat.

Kay One –

Chakuza Mein Leben lang Bushido feat. Rockstar Kay One feat. Bushido Stiche Stress mit Grund Shindy feat. Nox Arcana’s songs appear on their albums Darklore Manor and Necronomicon Stress mit Grund Shindy feat.

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Sentino Die Art wie wir leben Bushido feat. Das letzte Album war ganz ok, aber hier kann ich kein Highlight ausmachen.

Bad Girl Prince Kay One feat. Artist Playlists See All. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Bushido Rapper. Hollister Girl Prince Kne One feat. Bushido soll engen Kontakt zu kriminellem Clan haben”.

Unter der Sonne Chakuza feat. No matter what happens, I accept responsibility, but I can still look myself, and above all Karel Gott, in the eye. Here a section taken from the official page of Nox Arcana: Shindy Angst Bushido feat.

Best Time (Song For Marcel)

Bushido wrote in his jm about the topic: Believe Kay One feat. Du wirst in Berlin in deinen Arsch gefickt wie Wowereit. On 14 July he released his first solo album, Vom Bordstein bis zur Skyline. Verzeih mir Kay One feat. During the training as a painter, he met and befriended rapper Fler.