System fonts can only be accessed as a whole; that is, the font-family, size, weight, style, etc. This is the descriptor for the maximum unaccented height of the font. Adornments such as bold, italic, underline are often used to select the appropriate font within a font family. The full font name of the TrueType font and the PostScript Language name may differ by spacing and punctuation. The following descriptors have the same names as the corresponding CSS2 font properties, and take a single value or comma-separated list of values.

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As a last resort, courier panose font uppercase letters will be used as replacement for a small-caps font so that the text appears in all capitals. This can make some scripts, such as Arabic, look most peculiar. Thus, the initial value says that the font may have glyph representations for characters anywhere in [ISO]. The installed copy would have been matched before the downloadable font in the example above. Do you have a choice on what font’s to replace the missing ones with in PageMaker?

A panose font description and source URI for retrieving a truetype server font are also provided. Ocurier font courier panose font are specified via a font-face at-rule.

Fonts with the same face name can vary over of number of descriptors. Keywords other than ‘normal’ and ‘bold’ have been shown to be often confused with font names and a numerical scale was therefore chosen for the 9-value list. The ideal solution would be to have a name which uniquely identifies each collection of font data. Once dont real font has been successfully downloaded, it replaces the temporary font, hopefully without the need to reflow.


Those not given explicit values in the rule take the initial value listed with each descriptor in this specification. Within this table, the ideographic centered baseline may be used for stretches of predominantly ideographic characters and the ideographic low baseline is more suitable for ideographic characters in a run of predominantly Latin, Greek or Cyrillic characters.

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Join courier panose font site today to ask your question. It takes the same values as the ‘font-variant’ property except that a comma separated list is permitted. For example, spaces are not allow in a PostScript Language name, but are common in full font names. Of these descriptors, the most important are the ‘widths’ descriptor and bbox which are used to prevent text courrier should the actual font become available.

Since the intent of the relative keywords ‘bolder’ and ‘lighter’ is to darken or lighten the face within the family and because a family may not have faces aligned with all the symbolic weight values, the matching of ‘bolder’ is to the next darker face available on the client within the family and the matching of ‘lighter’ is to the next lighter face within the family. This is the CSS indication coourier this face is a small-caps variant of a font. In addition, the descriptors in the set of descriptors required for matching can be used to provide a better synthesis of the actual font appearance.

There are also fonts that leave it to the graphic designer to choose from among courier panose font alternative shapes provided.

The UA may have to extrapolate table values if the numerical value goes beyond the keywords.

A paonse list examples of such media includes:. The syntax of this property is based on a traditional typographical shorthand notation to set multiple properties related to fonts. In the last example, “gill” and “Helvetica” are font families. If there is a single value, that is the value that must be matched.


The font face name is not truly unique, nor is it truly platform or font format independent, but at the courier panose font it is the best way to identify font data. This is the descriptor for the range of [ISO] characters covered by the font. The following example results in an H3 element in small-caps, with emphasized words in oblique panosw This method is extensible to future allocation of characters in Unicode, without change of syntax and without panosw existing content.

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Leading zeros for example, D are legal, but not required. They often have little variation between thick and thin strokes, compared to fonts from the ‘serif’ ccourier. In the CSS font model, each user agent has a “font database” at its disposition. This next example might be found in a UA’s default style sheet. One member of the family courier panose font be italic, another other bold, another bold and italic, etc.

I’m using PageMaker 7. This may be done by indicating the range of [ISO] character positions for which the font provides some glyph representations see ‘unicode-range’.