Pretty solid tape though. He produced a ZelooperZ song once and a couple other songs. Works in progress, “rapper-type” beats and beats for rappers posts are not allowed. Really hoping to hear more from him. Has a few skits here and there. Dude is pretty fucking dope.

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MUSIC: Dopehead – Devils Heaven – The Couch Sessions

Seasons is one of my favorites along with Breath of Fresh Air. Posts deemed intentionally misleading may result in a lengthy 2-week to 1-month or permanent bans.

Head of Bruiser Brigade. Not too much stands out but it is still worth a listen. Some really good songs are Airbags which had a music video and Sephiroth. Yeah I devisl, I actually only learned about him a dopehead devils heaven ago. Submit a new text post. Threads made to speculate hheaven cryptic social media posts or website updates are also not allowed.


I was hooked just by the first track The Butterfly Effect. Really kind of hard to dopehead devils heaven And if you don’t like him, the features are really awesome. Here’s an interview Complex did with him about his life in Detroit and meeting Danny.


Coon N The Room: Nothing that special on here though. There’s already been a guide for Danny so I’m not gonna do him but here’s a link to that. Bruiser Brigade Freestyle at a Boxing Gym. If you like Danny’s crazier party side this may be it. Probably my favorite so far. Danny Brown Soundcloud Although I’m not exactly sure if its official or not. Whom I’ve been wanting to do a guide to but haven’t made time for.

Dopehead Danny Brown’s cousin. I feel like this is easier to get into than HELP.

HELP was really good but I feel like this was better. The sequel to his last tape. Song posts must follow the ‘Artist – Title Description ‘ format with 80 character or less descriptions. I would say to just check him out. If there’s anything you have to give this tape credit for its the production.

Murk ‘n’ Twerk: Dopehead – “Devils Heaven” ()

Some people I can understand if they don’t like it though. Makes me wonder if there’s anyone else I’m missing.


I made a playlist of the tape because its not available for hdaven anywhere I can find. Has a few skits here and there. Couch Potato Album from There dopehrad also a video for Dat Choppa. Many of you guys probably now him from his hook on Kush Coma by Danny Brown.

Bruiser Brigade “Wonderful World” Freestyle. No Rumors, Speculation or False Information Rumors without sources and threads dopehead devils heaven misleading titles are not allowed.