Jack suspects something is amiss with Nikki and despite her not being as forthcoming about it, he steadily is always there patiently waiting until she is ready to talk. To add to the trepidation, the story shifts from past to present in a way that leaves you feeling restless. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. I’m happy to say that did not happen here. Interested in winning an ARC?

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She spends years literally attached to Cole as he feeds from her.

She didn’t seem grateful at all that he was going with her to the Everneath on a dangerous journey. View all 6 comments.

Cole is a very complex character. And that’s when he kicks her in the stomach! She was a stupid Mary Sue and I could completely see her getting Stockholm syndrome.

Everbound (Everneath, #2) by Brodi Ashton

She’s kinda weak and selfish and doesn’t really make the brightest choices. Nikki’s father everneath brodi ashton also present in Everboundand he takes an active interest in Nikki’s life. I was a little wary of the book containing flashbacks to help move the plot along everbeath those types of novels don’t seem to work well with me.

Because boys are wild, experienced-from-birth, sexual animals that you have to fight off with a stick and girls are meek, mild and pure?


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D Now that was a twist! She finally is allowed to spend 6 months to try and live her her life on earth and maybe reconnect with her boyfriend jack but there is also Cole, the boy who she spent a century with in the everneath and who cares about her deeply.

Unfortunately, there appears to be nothing of that extremity currently on tumblr or photobucket. Other than that tho, he somehow makes my heart go all ashotn We get to see almost every part of the Everneath, and even meet the queen! I also find it incredibly implausible that Jack would be so accepting of Nikki’s story about where she really was over everneath brodi ashton past six months, when any other person would have and should have stared at her and sent her to a psychiatric ward. It came out January, Broodi I loved about Everbound: Faced with centuries in a Delphinian dungeon, Cole everneath brodi ashton confronted with questions he’s been too scared to ask himself: He is so handsome and strong and gentle and caring and thoughtful.

Nikki is looking for redemption for something she knows is her fault.

Everneath Series

Not in this case. Forced to finish this one The cover suggests a slightly more mature theme, even within the YA genre. In the everneath brodi ashton, it is said that mythology holds “some truths”, but when they actually talk about mythology, some of the time they don’t even mention names. She was ignoring him and acting weird around him, not acting like she had no idea who he was. It’s so bright and sunshiny. Okay moving on to the “men. View all 10 comments.


Brodi Ashton: Books

You can be upset, yeah that dudes a jackass, but don’t be a man child. But, however, it’s with the execution of the above concept where I feel Everneath went wrong. He would do anything for her everneath brodi ashton you see that by his speech and his actions.

I felt compassion for her, zshton the clock ticking away, felt the inexorability of her situation. Taylor It is so depressing! With a period of only six months, Nikki struggles to fight her addiction to Cole, right her wrongs, and somehow find a loop hole that will keep her with her loved ones. It’s unique, it had it’s moments and the plot really was fascinating.