I did not edit this script. I’m also known as sergroj. The main goal is to require players to spread out their army rather than using the tried-and-true but somewhat boring “superhero” strategy. Or Heroes 3 complete. An install-and-play version of HoMM3:

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If the hero guesses correctly, monsters of that type join his army for free the number increases each weekbut if the hero guesses wrong, three times that number of qog attack the hero instead.

For upgraded creatures I could not get the timer to work so I changed it to post-instruction. Many updates are coming – WoG 3. Edited by heroew at These numbers might interfere with some other custom scripts. This version has become legendary amongst all HoMM3 heroes wog 3.59, reviving the game and bringing a new stream of modding.


Town treasuries were working fine. It looks like the OB receiver was extended in 3. The music of the startscreen is majestic. Unfortunately, I’ve been away from ERM too long to be able to offer any real support for them but Hereos heroes wog 3.59 to try and answer more general questions if I remember what I was trying to do way back when I wrote them.


Each Frozen Food ration used gives extra movement points for that hero’s heross for the day. Heroes VII development comes to an end. It contains some unique features like portable mod managing, script editor and so on.

Now that you dislike so much about WoG? This functionality is heroes wog 3.59 exposed to ERM scripts. This of course does not work in ERA so I removed check for flag and added few lines to exit triggers if current player is AI. Others requires small changes to be able to run under ERA. Can you do me a favor to send the attachment hdroes my mail box? 3.9 Sep 17 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Nimostar Jul 26 Is “Era” another expansion? I hope someone is going to adapt them to 3. Thanks for posting the scripts on my behalf and including some screenshots too!

Heroes Community – WoG Fnord’s scripts

The closer updates of HD Mod might contain steps towards solving this issue. They will think of a random monster and the hero must try to guess which creature it is. Implementing various features of Era. To aid in this endeavor, the hero may choose to ask three questions about the monster’s characteristics chosen from a list and then may make up to three guesses as to the identity of the monster.


Likewise, if a player’s randomly chosen town has no creature heroes wog 3.59 at all, that player won’t receive or lose anything from such an event. Horn of the Abyss modification. Guest Mar 4 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

The main thing that did not replace the appearance of creatures and castles. heroes wog 3.59

Homm3 wog ? : HoMM

I love to see 87 and 97 in Phoenix, but that is a dream right?? Guest Jun 33.59 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Miraculously, we will wait for version 3.

heroes wog 3.59 Guest May 11 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Any number of rations may be used in a given day until the hero runs out.

A weekly Good Event will give each player one of the following: In my opinion this page should be added to WoG forum ehroes.