Igraona – You are not allowed to view links. Ginisov rekord – You are not allowed to view links. Izet wants to learn English and buys a book. The following is an episode list for the Bosnian television series Lud, zbunjen, normalan , which airs on FTV. The Netherlands donated some domestic animals to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Stjepan and Marija are getting a divorce.

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Faruk is arrested for tax evasion concerning radio station Accord. Lud, zbunjen, normalan Lists of Bosnian television series episodes Lists of comedy television series episodes.

Episode List

Izet suspects that Damir wife is sleeping with someone else and goes to Damir to confront him and in turn they start drinking very late in the morning. Meanwhile, Dino burns the mixer in the studio and Faruk buys a new one from the money everybody thinks he stole from Izet. Stomakologija – You are not allowed to view links.

Episode list using the default LineColor. Meanwhile, Izet tries to break his leg in order to get the insurance money.

Renesansa,Zemljotres I Psihologijan – You are not allowed to view links. Mada semanticki vuku isti korjen, polaganje vozackog i polaganje kamen temeljca, nemaju nikakve veze”.


Forum Kalendar Prijava Registracija. Izet, Faruk and Damir are creating a hotline for women,to earn money.

LUD ZBUNJEN NORMALAN – Balkan Televizija

Gay parada – You are not allowed to view links. Actually, Normzlan is in love with woman with the same name. Dozivanje tobe – You are not allowed to view links. Dino thinks he is confusing people with other people. Uhvatite dilera – You are not allowed to view links.

File:Lud Zbunjen Normalan.png

After that, Nevena and Izet met in the hotel and Nevena left Izet a lud zbunjen normalan sezona 6 of money before she went back to London. Both of these events will be attributed to a number of circumstances to innocent Zumra, who will be fired Talent show – You are not allowed to view links. This episodes involves some fake euro’s and Izet being taken to the police station in his underwear along with Faruk. Faruk je u potrazi za prijateljima, a Izet za preljubnicima – You are not allowed to view links.

Things get lud zbunjen normalan sezona 6 after Faruk told them to put a webcam. Later because of an accident the entire city loses nomalan. Ako nista, bar ce ti smrditi normlaan usta. Izet and his communist friends are trying to cause the revolution, but the leader not Izet was arrested because of some fake euros. Kufe gets driver license. Plus – minus – You are not allowed to view links. Because of that ‘turkey’.


Lud, Zbunjen, Normalan season 7. After eating too much, Dino has died. Pasje popodne – You are not allowed to view links. Naravno, to nema bas puno veze niti sa dodjelom starateljstva, niti sa casovima klavira”. But before it, he dies.

A ako vani pada pljusak, velika je vjerovatnoca da je vrijeme oblacno”. While this is going on scene Damir’s wife is shown in bed with another man as she tells him she wants to go with him to Hollywood.