For the latter, they’re found in the Study, Spillway, piano and sundial. Immediately use that Cellar Key on the gate in front of you and go forward. Highlight to View Change all the icons into the same icon. June 27, [1] EU: Backtrack to the Plaza screen with Malgrave’s statue. Parent of a 7 year old Written by jsg February 6, Complete it to gain the Diorama.

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This opens up the puzzle tile puzzle which, upon solving, opens up the Dollhouse Hidden Object screen.

Introduction Point and click adventures seem to have fallen off the radar for most people. But then the island suddenly closed its doors to visitors, and no one has heard from Mr.

Families can talk about what it might be like to be a detective. Push the hanging sandbag on the left to have a ladder drop down. Move forward one screen.

Follow Malgrave’s request and go back to the Manoreasily done by Map-warping there. Now it seems that Mr. Families can also discuss the virtues of patience and perseverance. Pan left, check the Quarters Hidden Object screen by examining the teh dust on the tube and add the Key to your Inventory.


Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident

Additional controllers are required for multiplayer features and are sold separately. I’m included in that group of people who’ve forgotten. Use your Water Hose to connect and restore the water pressure. Thank you for your support. Solve this puzzle to have Malgrave contact you, requesting you return to the Manor, but add that little note to your Notebook automatically.

Pan to the left side, Magnify on the bed to grab a teddy bear. Pan left, Magnify on the malgtave rack and Slide the coats three times to reveal a map. Alternatively, here’s images for the Light Solution inside the Barn. Move forward into the Back Lawn. Someone suddenly appears and goes into spoilerific detail about what’s been going on here on the island, then drops a Puzzle Tile to add to your Inventory.

Magnify on the clock to add the 8 o’clock note to your Notebook. Earlier, the debris in the river prevented the bridge from incldent, which we washed away in the Mystery case files the malgrave incident Utility area.

Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident for Wii – Nintendo Game Details

Go forward one screen and Magnify the dust collecting machine. Use the Map function to go to the Shoreline. For a complete solution, number the top lights 1, 2, mystery case files the malgrave incident, 4, 5, 6, 7 from left to right, and then label the bottom lights csae, b, c, d and e, also left to right.


Backtrack, move forward toward the house and pan right. Based on 1 review. The Malgrave Incident North American cover. Do you have a location for all the items in the photograph? Magnify on the plumbing piece on the right to add it to the Notebook. Move into the Theater area and move past, back toward the Backstage area. Map-warp to the Baths. How Tech Is Changing Childhood.

Pan to the right and Magnify the podium and use the Dictionary. Magnify on the piano and play the song, as noted in your Notebook. Examine the sparkling dust diles the incivent, on the tent, to activate the Baths Hidden Object screen.

He fiiles its craftsmanship as “insanely low-resolution graphics” and had similar criticism for its soundtrack.