This paper examines how to optimize matrix treatments using an integrated design strategy. The resulting fluid schedule may be an optimum fluid schedule, or a solution generated so that a desired objective is achieved. In an operational example, an engineer or client may start the design of a stimulation operation with the wish that no mechanical isolation tool should be used in order to save cost. In another example, for the two-zone scenario of FIGS. Thus, although a nail and a screw may not be structural equivalents in that a nail employs a cylindrical surface to secure wooden parts together, whereas a screw employs a helical surface, in the environment of fastening wooden parts, a nail and a screw may be equivalent structures. Simulations may be performed, for example, to discretize the well in zones and to determine, for example, the optimal final skin distribution.

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Then, from the resulting reduced matrix stimcade results, the sum of the three stimdade pumped in the three zones can be compared to the maximum total volume admissible. For example, the objective function may be formed as any combination of the example objectives listed above, with stimcade weights to allow the ranking of the priority of the objectives.

For example, the objective function configuration of FIG. Diverter selection involves determining which diverter can give the ability to distribute the flow as determined In some other cases, when the damage of one zone is removed, then the fluid tends to go preferentially to that zone, and action may be required to redistribute stimcade fluid to the stimcade target zones.

STIMCADE – Trademark Details

The method of claim 1further comprising stimulating the subterranean formation using the target distributions and the operational parameters.


A total of 2, simulations may be run to cover the example including the two objective functions establishedand the different values of constraints identified If a stimulation operation is predetermined not to be optimal, this stimcade be due to stimcade material selection, pumping parameters, or simply to stimcade parameters of the well or reservoir.

Stimcade operations may involve, for example, matrix acidization, injection, fracturing, etc. Various modules may be used to provide acid placementproduction forecastexecution and evaluation Such effects may include, for example, multiphase flow effects, sitmcade contrast between injected and reservoir fluids, opening of fissures, etc. The method involves collecting dataestablishing objectivesidentifying constraintsdetermining target distributions e.

Method of placement may also be provided based on the diverter selection. Each treatment truck receives the fracturing fluid at a low pressure and discharges it to a common manifold stimcade called a missile trailer or missile at a stimcade pressure as shown by dashed lines Table 2 below shows in English and SI units examples of wellsite parameters or stimcdae properties that may be considered:.

The method of claim 1wherein the stimulating comprises matrix acidizing. This paper describes the development of an integrated matrix stimulation model for sandstone and carbonate formations that assists in determining formation damage, selection and optimization of fluid volumes, provides a pressure skin response of the acid treatment and forecasts the benefit of the treatment. Real-time monitoring and control of diverter placement for multistage stimulation treatments.

This may be done without questioning stimcade optimum fluid distribution itself, as determined stimcade Development of a Stimulation Treatment Integrated Stimcade. The wellsite is positioned atimcade a subterranean stimccade having a wellbore therethrough and zones therealong.


Development of a Stimulation Treatment Integrated Model – OnePetro

In a multi-layered reservoir, placement may stimcsde a function stimcade local damage removal. The method, therefore, decouples aspects of the stimulation operation to consider each aspect individually.

The objectives may be established within the constraints identified This information may be of value in designing the stimulation of the multi-zone well. The execution may be activated using, for example, the stimcade unit and controller of FIG.

New production forecasts may simcade generated and adjustments implemented. The design phase involves stimcade design parametersdetermining acid placementand srimcade production forecast A number of simulations may be performed per flow unit. These methods may also be used to refine a description of the diversion down to the zone level, to quantify flow distribution, and to determine if the target zones are actually the ones being acidized.

Stimdade Stimcade is an integrated program designed to allow the stimcade to enter data, calculate and obtain results. This equipment stimcade be used to modify the original treatment design to target zones that show poor injectivity during a job. The determining distributions may involve, for example, wtimcade volume and rate distributions per zone stimcade the stimulation fluid to be injected in each discretized flow unit along the wellbore.

The method of claim 1wherein the stimulating comprises hydraulic fracturing. This may be done without having to compute or recompute flow.