Thanks for yet another great guide. I read the 1. I love the idea of having an alternative Installer. And something about multiple SSD chips. Is there a significant difference between 16GB and 32GB models? The 8 gig has one, the 16 and 32 have multiples.

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Shortly after, the Red Power Slider should appear — do not slide it! Originally Posted by javiert So the answer is: Eject iPod and close iTunes Although the keyboard still seems to be kinda funny. I have read of select 8s having two 4 gig chips, but not many. It could be that he receives his order today, like he said on his website. If I do this, a will it work? Because of this I am […]. Is this the same, or even a relevant question? Just simple restore the iPod, simply click on the Restore buttonand re-do the process.

I used the brute-force repeated clicking method on ZiPhone 2. Naty What do you mean by updating the touch ziphone 2.5c I will be so relief when the day comes! You are suppose to uninstall the patch after you have installed Summerboard, so that it will revert its changes. Yes my friend, just do it all and thats it For those who share my problem, when you upgraded ziphone 2.5c 1.


Ziphone 2.5c for Windows

RupertGee Thanks for the help. ZiPhone works great with them. If you are OK with downgrading the BL to 3.

Press and hold-down both the Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds. It kinda works like the iTunes store that is already on your iPod. Your medias and settings will be totally erased. Still waiting for his andGB iPod version, but he has to receive the iPod first I guess, so it may be a while. Any news on its expected release?

One of the preliminary steps to using ZiPhone ziphone 2.5c to ziphone 2.5c ie, no jailbreak anymore to the firmware version you want jailbroken. Also, do you know if a restored iPod will have any trace of jailbreaking? Rupert- I knew that it might not work. So if I restore the iPod, could I still retain my warranty?

How is iPlus b vs. Ziphone c? | MacRumors Forums

Are the iPhone apps and Wiggle function still compatible with 1. Just put it in recovery mode then restoer. After completing the jailbreak I was on 1.


Create a free website or ziphone 2.5c at WordPress. Jeremy No words on the Offi Dev Team 1. When I download the file, I get , 2.5v instead of , bytes. It just takes a long time! Can you explain how to fix the iPhysics issue?