On a hunch, I did a search in the App Store for the Zoombinis and was stunned to see that it was there in its original form. Logical Journey of the Zoombinis is available a small price on the following websites, and is no longer abandonware. Manual KB Windows. The Zoombinis encounter a cave where a large stone lion guards the only way onward, and to which the Zoombinis are permitted by a portcullis supported by pegs. Cheer Bows 0 point. Retrieved February 17,

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As a teacher and as a former kid, I give the Zoombinis the highest recommendation possible. Andrea B -1 point Windows version. If a group of 16 Zoombinis complete a leg while the difficulty is Very Very Hard, the zoombinis the logical journey does not increase; whereas completing a leg under the Very Very Hard difficulty level will only reward the player with a new building once, since there is only one building zoombinid leg at each difficulty level. If this is done correctly, the pendulum is lifted and the Zoombini, riding a mine cartwill jump across a shaft and proceed.

Compatibility Requires iOS 7. I thought I’d never find it again, but here it is! And the game won’t run without sound.

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Upon welcome to Didimension Hotel, the player must arrange the Zoombinis in the Hotel’s compartments, again divided by characteristics. I have been wanting to find this game for forever!! AJ 0 point Windows version. Kiki 0 point Windows version. Eventually, the mud in the machine will run out, stranding the remaining Zoombinis.


List of top downloads. I don’t know any math games that have been as fun as this one. The second time, it unzipped and had the MAC version instead.

Peathbydeas 0 point Windows version. Players face a series of increasingly difficult challenges that stand between the Zoombinis and freedom. The wand called the “Swapping Stick” is left with the toads and the player must use it assembling a path, until the wand’s use is exhausted. Kare -5 points. Challenges your logical and analytical abilities. BTOWN 0 point. I am trying to Download it on my Computer, but am zoombinis the logical journey a hard time I can guide Zoombinis with ease, but there’s still an element of challenge when several of the puzzles rely on trial-and-error to discover its rules.

Individual Zoombinis can only cross one of the bridges, and the bridge that any Zoombini is allowed to cross is determined by one or more of its characteristics.

When I try nourney add the file to D-fend, it says there is no executable file in it. The same toad cannot be used more than twice; nor will any toads hop diagonally.


Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

This zoombinis the logical journey was last edited on 31 December jouney, at On the zokmbinis level, the Zoombinis are placed in a line where fourteen of them must have something in common with two other Zoombinis and the other two just only needs something common with one other Zoombini.

Yathena 1 point Windows version. S 1 point Windows version. The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle. This game is no longer abandonware, we won’t put it back online. The object of this puzzle is to deduce which Zoombini characteristics correspond to the Fleen characteristics. Right click desktop properties settings tab and set color to colors. If a Zoombini is placed in the wrong compartment, the ledge holding the Zoombini will retract and the Zoombini will fall, whereupon the adjacent zoombimis causes 5 minutes to pass.

Here are two bridges across a crevassesupported by six wooden pegs. Daniel B -1 point Windows version.